We've all been there. It's all going smoothly, your plans are in motion and then it happens. First one division ignores your move order, and sits there in smug, disobedient silence. Then you notice your tank divisions did not move up when you told them, and it's been two hours and now they're late to the fight.
Then it dawns on you. You're not connected. Everything looks normal on the surface, but your messages just won't get through to your men and now you're cut off.

Lag and disconnection always favour the worst possible moment to strike, so fortunately we've got some advice on avoiding these issues. Try the following, if you're seeing the telltale signs of a bad connection:
  • Check our helpcentre or social media. If we're having server issues, we'll make sure you're aware.
  • If you are connecting via WiFi, try using your mobile data or a wired Ethernet connection. If the issue is occurring while you're using your data - try using WiFi. Occasionally you might encounter issues with your specific WiFi or data provider, so switching between the two can help.
  • Ensure that you're close to your router, without anything obstructing your device and the router.
  • Contact your internet service provider to ensure there are no issues affecting the service itself.
If you've tried all of the above, and you're still seeing these connection issues, you can reach out to our Support department, and we can offer some more specialised help.