Release Notes - 2022-11-22


  • Added two new map textures. Tundra and Desert textures replace the default plain texture where geographically appropriate.
  • Made multiple improvements to the map textures:
    • Improved the fidelity of plains, forests and mountains
    • Plain and forest textures are now more easily distinguishable.
    • Improved the visual clarity of forest textures bordering on urban areas.
  • Added a button to access the chat in the “more” menu in the main menu. Now players on mobile can access the chat from the main menu, and no longer have to load a game just to chat with other players.
  • Adjusted the visual clutter caused by province borders. Province borders will now fade out sooner when zooming out.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the display of diplomatic messages. The chat will no longer automatically scroll up when a new message is posted, and when the window is opened it will automatically scroll to the newest message.
  • Fixed a translation issue that caused incorrect gold rewards to be displayed for a team victory in some languages.
  • Updated and clarified a confusing line of text in the Victory Progress panel. It should now be clearer that the Gold bonus payment based on the player's score only applies to solo victories.
  • Fixed the tooltip when using gold to speed up multiple construction projects at once. It will now correctly display how many buildings are sped up, as well as the time saved.
  • Fixed an issue with the coastline graphics that caused small islands to appear darker than intended. This will make it easier to identify which islands belong to your nation’s territory.