CoW 2.0 - Part Two


  • Updated the map with the new CoW 2.0 map textures.
    • All terrains have received visual upgrades.
    • This rework gives you the feeling of commanding your troops through realistic terrain.
    • It’s inspired by military maps of the time.
  • Added new artwork to the army details window. The displayed artwork will change based on the composition of the army.
  • Reworked the unit display options in the map filter menu. You can now toggle army labels and unit sprites on and off. We’ve also added options so that the game will only show you your own, friendly, hostile or neutral armies.
  • Moved the full- screen and server-state buttons from the top bar into the map filter menu.
  • Removed redundant map filter options from the settings menu on mobile devices. They can still be accessed via the map filter menu.
  • Added a new reject button to the reject coalition invite window.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented coalition leadership to correctly be transferred to an active player in cases where the coalition leader went inactive.
    • Should all coalition members go inactive then leadership will be passed off to the AI.
    • Should a player then return back to being active, the AI will pass leadership back to that player.
  • Cleaned up the alliance battle statistics in the alliance’s profile window:
    • Stats will now show up as intended in the statistics category.
    • The visual bar will now correctly correspond to the alliance’s statistics.
  • Corrected an issue that caused armies to remain in the army bar after using the split army dialogue.
    • Now only the army that was split off stays selected.
    • This also fixes an issue where the army bar incorrectly displayed the number of units in an army as zero.
  • Corrected multiple issues that caused the wrong arrival time to be displayed after issuing movement commands to units.
  • Adjusted the menu interactions surrounding joining coalitions. Coalition leaders can no longer send out invites to players if their coalition is already full. We also removed the option to accept coalition invites if said coalition is already full.
  • Fixed an issue on desktop clients where the buttons of the settings menu were comically enlarged.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to teleport their planes on a patrol mission back to the airfield they launched from.
  • Fixed a bug with the coalition flag creator. Now when players create a coalition with the suggested default flag it will be displayed correctly within the game.
  • Fixed a bug in the trade window that prevented the correct trade status from being displayed. Now trades will correctly display as accepted or rejected.
  • Adjusted the size of the rare materials icon. It’s now more in line with the other resource icons.