Release Notes

Release Notes - 2022-08-31


  • Updated the rare materials icon. A lot of you gave us feedback that the rare materials icon released with CoW 2.0 didn’t fit the era of the game, so we’ve reworked the design.
  • Updated the Doctrine Info window to display all doctrines, even if they are not playable on the current map. This is to avoid confusion about which doctrines are available to play in general.
  • Added background images to the main menu when playing on a tablet.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a visual bug. Ships will no longer go sightseeing across the entire world when traveling to their destination. They should now take the shortest route, while also staying within the confines of the sea.
  • Fixed an issue that made units teleport to random locations on the map instead of arriving at their intended destination. This also fixes an issue with units getting stuck in places they normally shouldn’t be able to access.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Commandos to deal unintended extra damage when multiple enemy armies were defending the same fortified position. Now fortification bonuses will be ignored as intended, and the correct damage will be spread across the defending units.
  • Fixed two issues related to the upload of custom Coalition flags.
    • Custom Coalition flags will now display properly in all menus after their initial upload, without requiring a second upload through the Coalition settings menu.
    • Cleaned up the UI in the coalition settings menu. Panels and buttons related to uploading flags will no longer overlap with other UI elements.
  • Fixed a bug in the player overview tooltip. It will now display the correct number of nations that the player is currently at war with.
  • Updated the behavior of the back button on mobile devices when viewing news articles. It will no longer close the app, instead it will now close the news article.
  • Adjusted the size of the interactable area for the map filter menu. The map filter will no longer be draggable while clicking far outside the actual menu box.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the unit upgrade screen to be cut off at the sides on certain mobile devices.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the chat icon to be displayed on top of other UI elements while using certain screen resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile devices that caused the webshop to be opened when trying to join a new game.