Release Notes -  2022-08-16


  • Introduced the new Inventory system. You can now activate Booster Cards to perform actions that were previously exclusive to Gold.
    • At the moment you can acquire resources with Boosters Cards, but we are looking to expand the list of available cards in the future.
    • This feature is currently being tested, and access has been randomly distributed to limited number of players.
    • If you are part of the test group you can acquire the Booster Cards via rewarded ads and in the shop.
  • Updated the behavior of the AI. When a player goes inactive and the AI takes over for them it will no longer leave the coalition the player was part of.
    • This fixes frustrating situations in which players go inactive and their coalition members suddenly have to fight a war against AI on their home borders.
    • Coalition leadership is not affected by this change yet, but with a future update coalition leadership will be transferred to an active player, should the coalition leader go inactive
  • Updated and unified the coalition icon in all menus and screens.
  • Cleaned up and unified how menus and info windows pop up on screen. Now the last opened window will always be in the foreground.
  • Added a tooltip with a short summary of a players profile when hovering over the players icon in the province bar as well as in the diplomacy list
  • Improved the visibility of the peace period timer text.
  • Added a notification icon for new messages in the chat available at the end of a game.
  • Unified the chat colors for desktop and mobile to make it more convenient to switch between the two. We’ve also added an icon for Moderators, to make them stand out more.
  • Made it so that resource bar tooltips show, even when there’s other windows open at the same time
  • Added a class distribution tab to the army detail info window. It shows the distribution of armor classes for that army as percentage values.
  • Made the pin panel resizable, now players can customize how many pins they see.

Frontline Pioneers

  • Starting tomorrow, August 17th, all Beta-Games will feature the brand new CoW 2.0 map visuals, with updated textures for terrain and sea.
  • Fixed the “Find Frontline Pioneer Game” button in the menu. It will now behave as intended and only display Frontline Pioneer games.
    • Added a notification icon to the advanced filter menu in the games list to increase visibility that filters are applied.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug where rewards weren’t paid out correctly for watching rewarded ads. Now if you watch the same ad twice in a row there will be a short, 10 second cooldown between the ads to eliminate payout issues.
  • Fixed a bug where building production wasn’t started when selected from the “missing requirements” popup.
  • Fixed an issue with the pop ups in the trading window. Trades were shown as accepted, even if the trade was rejected.
  • Added the missing “Show All Provinces” button to the classic Province list. Now you can again display non-urban Provinces in the list.
  • Cleaned up the unit detail window for aircraft transports.
    • Stats are now displaying correct values.
    • Icons have been replaced to correctly display the transports as light armored vehicles.