Release Notes - 2022-07-21

CoW 2.0 - Part One

  • The new CoW 2.0 client has been deployed for all users on all platforms.
  • Today's update brings extensive visual changes to the User Interface. The planned visual update of the map textures will be released at a later date as CoW 2.0 - Part Two.
  • The CoW 2.0 client replaces the legacy client as the new default client. Changes have been made to the following:
    • Reworked the province details & army details panels.
    • Reworked the victory progress panel and reward overview.
    • Added a new Army list, allowing you to easily keep track off all your units.
    • Added a pinning feature for armies and provinces. Now you can easily access your favorite units and important strongholds.
    • Added the ability to switch between research levels. This will allow you to plan your future research and increases visibility on unit progression.
    • Reworked the unit and building info panels with new render images and quick stats.
    • Added new historical unit pictures and updated the existing ones, making the photos sharper and colorizing them using AI algorithms.
    • Enhanced the match ending screen with statistics about the played match
    • Added a flag creator for alliances and coalitions.
    • Added an option that allows alliance leaders to send messages to all their members.
    • Added a feature that allows coalitions to send out direct invites to other players. Invites can be sent via the players nation info window.
    • Overhauled the alliance challenge UI.
    • Added an option for players to change their in-game name.
    • Cleaned up the trading panel. Resources will now show up in a consistent order, and columns are aligned properly.
    • Improved the army split dialogue.
    • Updated the army bar with a counter that displays the units lost in battle.
    • Added new map view mode filters.

Mobile only

  • Reworked and unified the province and army bar UI. Players can now also select an enemy province or army to directly issue attack orders, without having to select their own troops beforehand.
  • Modernized the province list view.
  • Added a toggle in the settings to switch between the old and new province list layout.
  • Unified the UI for the newspaper and front reports.
  • Added an option to select images for newspaper articles.
  • Reworked the top bar to display victory progress, and added an expandable menu to access your profile, coalition and other features.
  • Improved the “more” menu design
  • Updated the shop UI to seamlessly integrate into the client.

Desktop only

  • Added multiple options for players to customize the game and their profiles:
    • You can now upload a custom Avatar to your player profile in the menus.
    • You can now change the title of your nation's leader, as well as upload a custom portrait.
    • You can now upload a  custom flag to represent your nation.
  • Added a new spectator mode. To spectate a game select the new spectate button located next to the join game button. Now you can check out the map and plan strategies before joining the game! Please note that this mode will not allow you to see other players' units and province upgrades.
  • Improved the user experience when switching between an active game and the menu. A new button was added to quickly switch between your active game and the menu, and you now won’t have to reload your active game when switching back into the game from the menus.
  • Added a feature that allows you to resize and reposition windows. This is available for the army list, province list, map favorites, map filters and chat.
  • Added a new storage overview panel.
  • Enhanced the games list to make browsing easier. The list is now expandable to show more games at once.

General Changes

  • Implemented a new ranking system.
    • Coalitions and solo players now share the same ranking. Ranking is based on how close you are to your victory points goal. A solo player with a higher fulfilled percentage towards his victory goal will rank higher than a coalition that might have more points in total, but is behind on the percentage of achieving their VP goal.
    • Coalitions finishing below 1st place now also receive rewards.
  • Added a popup confirmation for canceling ongoing research, production or construction projects.
  • Removed the “Under Attack” status in the army bar to avoid an issue where players received wrong information about the current status of their units.
  • Made it so that army labels are now also displayed in low graphics mode.
  • Updated the description of carriers. It now correctly reflects that planes can only be stationed on carriers by flying them to the carrier.
  • Updated unit descriptions and shortened them to avoid repeat information about unit abilities.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong team victory rewards to be displayed in some languages.
  • Fixed an issue where, after selecting multiple items in the province list, they were automatically deselected after a short while.
  • Fixed a bug in Firefox that caused checkboxes to be displayed instead of the intended toggles.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “At War with” section in the Nation Info window to not be localized in some languages.