Release Notes

Release Notes - 2022-07-05


  • A new Alliance Flag Creator was added to the beta blient on desktop. Alliance leaders can create their own custom Flag from a list of preset templates and colors. This feature is accessible through the Alliance settings page.
    • This flag creator has also been made available to create coalition flags in the game.
  • On the desktop client the unit info panel has been overhauled. Most common unit stats are now displayed on top with a corresponding icon, and the panel’s structure has been rearranged to display information cleanly.
    • Instead of historical images, 3D images of the actual units are displayed. The historical pictures are still accessible with a toggle button. They also have been upscaled and colorized.        
  • The building details panels have been reworked to match the new design of the unit details panel. The historical pictures have also been upscaled and colorized.
  • The country chooser has been visually updated. Colors are more vibrant, and the sea is actually blue now!
  • Only for beta players (Frontline Pioneers): The beta client on desktop, as well as a new beta client on mobile will replace the old clients as default clients. The new mobile client shares many of the elements of the new desktop client.        

Bug Fixes

  • An issue was fixed that made the convert button on paratrooper units go invisible.