Premium membership can be purchased in packages of time, and provides the following benefits to your account:
  • The ability to queue production and construction orders, allowing you to set up your buildings and recruitment far in advance.
  • Rally Points, which will allow you to automatically send newly recruited troops directly to the frontline.
  • Shared Intelligence with allies. A step above the Share Map option, Shared Intelligence will allow you to see through your friend's eyes and see the world as they do.
  • Advanced Fire Control - customisable firing modes for your ranged and stealth units, which will allow you to bide your time and remain hidden, even with enemy troops in close proximity.
  • Play Gold Matches for Free - skip the fee, and play any matches with Gold features for free.
  • Exclusive Premium Account badge.
  • Customise your newspaper articles with access to more images.
For desktop users specifically:
  • Create your own matches, at a rate of one per month, once you have reached rank 11.
Please keep in mind that at this time, the match creation feature is not available on mobile, and so you will need to use the desktop version of the game to create a match. Once created, a match can be joined by players on any platform.

Additionally, please note that Premium membership does not constitute a subscription, and will never automatically charge your account. Purchasing a Premium membership package will activate Premium benefits for the duration of the membership, and will not renew. If you would like to extend your Premium membership time, please buy another membership package.