Release Notes - 2022-06-09

Beta Client:

  • A new match ending screen was added to the new Beta Client on desktop. After the match, players will be able to see their own performance that features statistics of produced and destroyed units as well as other information related to the game.

Bug fixes:

  • An issue was resolved on mobile that displayed the construct button to the right and produce button to the left in the province administration bar. Now the buttons are reversed and correspond to the general order.
  • A bug was fixed that caused an error popup to appear when selecting 2 or more provinces and opening the Espionage menu. Now the popup won’t show up and players can select several provinces when dealing with espionage.
  • An issue was resolved that could cause the tooltip for remaining research time to display incorrect information when research was sped up with gold.
  • A bug was fixed that could cause patrolling planes to skip travel time, and immediately appear at the patrol location.
  • A bug was fixed that could initiate a trade between players, without both parties agreeing to the trade.