Release Notes - 2022-05-24


  • The 1939 Historic World War map for 30 players was added to the list of maps that can be created by players with a Premium Account.
    • Joining a 1939 Historic World War map created by another player requires a fee of 5,000 gold to join.
    • Players with a Premium Account can join these maps for free.
    • Please note that we might adjust or remove the map again, depending on its popularity or if it creates unforeseen issues.
  • We adjusted the map rendering, to increase performance and avoid FPS drops when hovering over elements on the map.
    • With the adjustment not all elements are updated anymore when hovering over an element, but only relevant ones that are subject to change.

Beta Client:

  • The home screen of the new Beta Client was reworked.
    • The player rank and player stats at the top were replaced by your avatar, your name (incl. alliance tag) and your achievement progression. In case you already unlocked all achievements, this section displays the achievement you unlocked most recently.
    • The most recent game section was replaced with a "Ready for a New Battle?" section, making it easier for you to start a new match.
    • The news section was replaced with a list of your current games (Continue Playing), to make it more convenient for you to join any of your running game rounds right from the get-go.
    • The news overview tile on the right side only shows the latest news. To follow up on previous news, you can still check the "News" tab in the top menu section of the home screen.
    • Above the News tile, a section informs you about the current or upcoming events and the special scenario that is currently available.
    • The previous event tile at the bottom was replaced with a new "More Games" section. Clicking on any of these games allows you to join directly from the home screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • A bug was fixed that prevented defensive damage from being applied to planes after a first attack on an initially neutral player. If a plane initiates a surprise attack, defensive damage is now applied to the attacking plane.
  • A bug on mobile devices was fixed, which caused the “Average price per unit” to be the same for all resources and be different from those displayed on desktop for the same game round. The "Average price per unit" now differs for individual resources accordingly. The price on mobile corresponds to the price on desktop within the same game round.
  • An issue on mobile devices was resolved that could cause movement paths to temporarily disappear when moving the map.
  • A bug was fixed that caused lines of blue artefacts being displayed at the border of non-continuous maps like "Europe Road to War".