Release Notes - 2022-05-10

Balancing changes:

  • Gold victory rewards for the majority of scenarios were increased (500-3000 Gold).
  • Mechanized Infantry:
    • Damage values for early levels were slightly increased
    • Movement speed for later levels was slightly increased
  • The Gold costs for healing ranged and air units have been adjusted to reflect the higher difficulty to damage these types of troops.
  • NOTE: These balancing changes only affect newly created game rounds. Games that started before this update are not affected.


  • A confirmation pop-up for buying Blueprints was implemented. This was done to minimise the possibility of buying Blueprints by mistake. It works similar to the Gold confirmation popup already in the game.
  • A shadow effect for selected provinces was added in the medium/high graphics mode. The shadow better highlights currently selected provinces.
  • The visuals of country names on the map were adjusted.
    • The white outline around the country name was made less prominent and changes dynamically based on the zoom level now.
  • When clicking a shop button (e.g. when lacking resources) closing the shop after a purchase brings you back to the popup/panel you left when opening the shop.
  • An option ‘don’t show again’ was added for the pop-up recommending to join an alliance. Players who don’t want to join alliances can close the pop-up and choose to do not see it again

Bug Fixes:

  • The AI’s behavior on the Stock Market was adjusted to address recent distortions.
  • A bug was fixed that caused ambient sound and music to be played on the game website menu. Those sounds are now muted and only clicking sound effects are played.
  • An issue was resolved on desktop that caused alliance game information pop-up showing text only within pop-up boundaries. Now full text can be seen and the pop-up size is automatically adjusted to the game information.
  • A bug was fixed on desktop that caused a clicking sound to be played even when inactive or empty interface areas were clicked, for example when scrolling the map.
  • An issue in games with an altered speed factor in the Beta Client was resolved that prevented research times to be displayed in real-time. Instead, the ingame time was displayed.
  • A bug was fixed that caused espionage snapshots to be created before the actual patrol was completed. Now the espionage snapshot from a patrol is saved once the full patrol time has lapsed.
  • An issue was resolved that caused the chat to scroll down if new messages were posted. Now chat remains in place when new messages appear while you scrolled up to read earlier messages.