Release Notes - 2022-04-12


  • The default sorting order of pinned provinces in the province overview of the Beta client on desktop has been changed. Instead of pinning the marked provinces at the bottom, they are now pinned on top of the list.
    • To pin a province in the Beta client simply click on the Pin button on the left side of the province entry in the province overview list.

Bug Fixes:

  • A bug on desktop causing all unit icons to be displayed in the army upgrade pop-up has been fixed. Now only the icons of upgradeable units are displayed in the popup.
  • An issue was resolved that prevented the Add Target button from being displayed in the army bar of units that were embarking or disembarking. The Add Target button is now displayed in the army bar again. We are aware that the button is missing for ranged units that are bombarding a target and are working on solving the issue.
  • A bug in the Dutch, German, Italian and Portuguese versions of the Beta client on desktop was fixed, which caused Manpower costs to be displayed as ‘1’ if the costs were higher than 999. Manpower costs are displayed correctly for all languages now.
  • An issue with the Beta client on desktop was resolved that triggered an error message to be displayed when clicking on the Game End Timer.
    When buying resources with Gold, switching to a new resource would cause the tab to no longer be highlighted. This has been resolved, and the highlighted tab will now remain active.
  • An issue with Beta client on desktop was resolved, that prevented unit icons in the tech tree from immediately updating after purchasing a blueprint.