Release Notes - 2022-03-22


  • The Country Chooser feature was re-enabled. When joining new game rounds that don't feature random country selection, you are once again able to pick your nation of choice (if it is not taken already).
  • When opening the shop, it will be displayed on top of any menu you might have opened at that moment. This change allows you to immediately return to where you have been in the game, once you close the shop again.

Bug Fixes:

  • An issue was resolved that could cause an accidental declaration of war between allied nations (Nations with Right of Way, Shared Map/Intel).
  • A bug was fixed that could cause AI controlled planes to immediately teleport towards their attack target if they were within range at the moment war was declared. AI planes do not skip travel times anymore and take the regular travel routes to reach a target.
  • An issue was resolved that caused non-upgradable units to be displayed together with upgradeable ones in the upgrade confirmation popup. The popup no longer shows units that are not upgradable and therefore not affected by the action.