Diplomatic Relations provide a clear indicator of your current relationship with another nation, although what these specifically mean can be a little confusing at first glance. Luckily, we've put together this guide so that you know exactly where to look when you have diplomatic questions!

At War

Hostilities have broken out, and you are now in open conflict with this nation. Your units will engage in combat with armies belonging to this nation as soon as they are in range, and moving to the centre of a province with an appropriate unit will seize that territory. You will not be able to trade with this nation through the resource market, and your provinces will suffer a morale penalty for being at war.

Ceasefire/Trade Embargo

If you are at war with the nation in question, this option will be listed as 'Ceasefire.' If you are at peace, it will be a 'Trade Embargo.' With this relation selected, armies from this nation will only be fired upon if they attempt to enter your territory, and trade via the resource market will not be possible.


The default setting. A neutral state - trade is possible, and armies may encounter each other on neutral ground without engaging in combat.

Right of Way

Your armies are free to move through one another's territory without risk of conflict. Your armies may also attack the same enemy army together.

Shared Map

Shared Map will display your map and the positions of your units, as well as their specific army composition, to this nation, and also grant Right of Way privileges.

Shared Intelligence

This Premium-only option will not only share information about your territory and armies with the target nation, but will also provide intel regarding any maps that have been shared with you by other nations, alongside Right of Way privileges in your territory.