• Adviser missions that involve unit production will now properly indicate their unavailability when there are no production slots available. In this way you will have an overview on what missions are to be completed.
  • Gold games now include a clear cost indicator, so when you join them, the cost of gold required will be displayed.
  • Daily trend line was moved to the "morale info" section above the target morale line.

Bug fixes

  • An issue was fixed where the summary row in the construction window did not display the correct total number of buildable and queueable factories when multiple provinces were selected.
  • An issue was resolved with a warning message that was triggered when coalition information was edited without changing the flag. 
  • A bug was fixed where the chat could be spammed with duplicate "Whisper" tabs when clicking the same username repeatedly. Only one Whisper tab per chat partner will now be visible, and clicking the same button again will redirect to the already opened Whisper tab with that user.
  • Some bugs with the shop on desktop devices were fixed. It is now possible to scroll the shop offers with a mousewheel and the shop offer tooltip is adjusting to the offers’ position and is displayed correctly.