• We changed the way a number of resources are rounded in the resource bar. It will be rounded down to the closest number to prevent confusion when building expensive units or buildings.
    • For example, if you have 4170 grain, the resource bar will show it as 4.1k.
    • This change prevents the situation when a player gets the impression that enough resources are available due to the figures being rounded up in the display, although the resources available actually are a little short of the requirements for the unit or building that he or she wants to build.

Bug fix

  • Some visual bugs were fixed:
    • Missing icons in the Dominion game mode were put back
    • Missing resource icons in the resource trade bar were also returned
  • A bug was fixed on mobile that made free gifts disappear when pressing a back button. Gifts are now available all the time and if you haven’t claimed them yet and refresh on the next day.
  • An issue was resolved that prevented you from seeing the full list of countries you are at war with.
  • A bug was fixed that made units that encountered a disembarking army embark instead of attacking. This caused a major inconvenience and many troops were lost, but this will not happen anymore.
  • An issue was fixed where ranged units would not attack revealed enemy stealth units even when Fire control is set to Fire at Will, Offensive, or Aggressive mode.