Fighting Spirit

Your nation's Morale is the sum total of your people's will to fight, their loyalty toward you as their leader, and the overall health of a province. A low Morale percentage in any given province will result in longer construction and recruitment times, slower healing rates for soldiers stationed in those provinces, and even outright rebellion.

Why is my Morale low?

As the saying goes, War is Hell, and weariness can have a very real impact on your nation. Bombardment, invasions, border friction and sabotage can all contribute to low Morale in your territory. Pay particular attention to newly acquired provinces, as although you may have liberated the inhabitants from their oppressive masters, and incorporated them into your glorious empire, they might not see it the same way. Pace yourself, and don't expand too quickly.

What can I do about it?

Your government has a few ways of restoring damaged morale, or preventing rebellions, that you can take advantage of.
  • Propaganda campaigns.
  • Strong garrisons.
  • Growth over time.
If you have the Goldmarks to spare, you can launch a propaganda campaign and directly raise your Morale on a province-by-province basis.
Finally, your Morale will recover slowly, provided nothing is acting directly against it, and it may just be a case of crushing resistance until Morale improves. To this end, you can order your soldiers to occupy a province that you control, and they will automatically fight back against any armed rebellion. Keep in mind, however, that if your garrison is not strong enough, these soldiers may be lost as the province falls.

These are just some basic tips and tricks around your nation's Morale - if you ask around our community, you'll find that every experienced commander has their own strategy for managing their population.

Good luck out there, General.