One of our top priorities is to maintain a fun, competitive and overall, safe environment for our players, and so we take reports of abusive behaviour, unfair play or cheating very seriously.
The way to submit these reports is listed here:

In-Game Toxicity, Metagaming or Cheating

If your report pertains to in-game activity - such as offensive newspaper articles or diplomatic messages, metagaming such as multiaccounting or wolfpacking, or you suspect a player has been able to use hacks, exploits or cheats to gain an unfair advantage, all you need to do is contact our Support department. If this led you here, you can hit the Back button in your chat, and let us know that you need to talk to someone. This will put you in touch with our specialised Player Reports team, who will take care of the matter from there.

Toxicity in Chat

If the incident happened in one of our chatrooms, please use the Report button, which you can reach from the player's message. This will send an automatic report to our Moderators, who will be on hand to intervene.

Discord or Other Community Areas

If you're a member of one of our social media groups or Discord servers, and the incident happened here, please let one of the Moderators on that platform know, and they'll be able to take care of the situation.