Completing a transaction and seeing no change in your Goldmark total or your High Command status can be very distressing, and so we're happy to offer some advice.

Depending on your payment provider, purchases can take up to 72 hours to complete, and so we'd first recommend that you check in with your payment provider to ensure that the payment has been correctly processed.

If you've confirmed this, and you still don't see your purchase, the next step would be to check your email for a transaction confirmation. If you made your purchase on mobile, you may also have received a receipt from Google or Apple, depending on the platform you use. If you cannot locate any receipts relating to your purchase, it may be the case that the purchase has not yet gone through, and so checking in with the appropriate store department would be your next port of call.

Finally, if you have your receipt, and your purchase still hasn't appeared, please reach out to our support team with your transaction ID, and we'll find out what happened.