NOTE: At the moment, a number of players' stats appear to be frozen and XP is not being gained at the correct rate. Our developers are working on having this resolved as quickly as possible, and while we can't provide a timeline for this, we can assure you that it is a top-priority task. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Until this issue is fixed, the minimum rank for several maps was reduced  - it will allow new players to join these maps..


Balancing changes

  • increased minimum value of provinces required to start the expansion penalty 6% → 8%

Reason: especially on small maps the current setup already gives the user a penalty at start of the game when they did not even expand yet. By increasing the min value the expansion penalty will start later.

  • reduced maximum penalty for capital distance

    • -35 → -30

Reason: Later wars happen further away from the capital which forces the player to advance slower due to the high negative morale effects. By reducing the Capital distance effect we take out some of the pressure and allow a slightly faster advancement again

  • increased morale bonus of some Buildings

    • Railroad 7 → 15

    • Factory 3 per level → 4 per level

    • Harbor 7 → 10

Reason: Users have only a limited amount of options to help the province grow morale. By buffing the existing Buildings we give more value to also keep building in conquered provinces in order to stabilize them.


  • Shattered America is available as a non-tutorial map. Check out the games list and join the rounds! 

  • An improvement was made to the behavior of the idling stealth armies. When a stealth army is attacked in close combat while being idle, the stealth army will from now on keep idling and only defend. It should not automatically attack back, only if the army receives an active command. 

  • We changed the way a number of resources are rounded in the resource bar. It will be rounded down to the closest number to prevent any confusion. For example, if you have 4170 grain, the resource bar will show it as 4.1k. 

Bug fixes

  • A bug was fixed with the victory progress ranking. The names and ranking positions are shown correctly and there is no glitching anymore. 

  • An issue with the alliance in-game victory points ranking not showing correct growing/shrinking trends was fixed. You will be able to see the correct up/down arrows as the games progress. 

  • A visual bug was fixed that made some players not see the land covered by the plane’s flight corridor. It is not the case anymore and flight corridors have a transparent layout as they should. 

  • A bug was fixed with the building queue that displayed the wrong “available on day x” values. The values are now reflecting current building availabilities.