• Several changes were made to the current map pool:: 

    • Middle East replaces Mesopotamia as a permanently system-generated map.

    • Mesopotamia, South-East Asia, and South America are now exclusive to the scenario rotation. Additionally, Europe 1910 Historic, Europe 1914, and Europe 1914 Historic will also be part of the scenario rotation and at the same time - player creatable.

  • Attacking and defending options for idling armies have been reworked. Armies will always choose to defend and never attack automatically when they are idling and in proximity to the enemy units, unless they receive an active command. 

  • The column showing HP in the Army details was made larger for better visibility. 


Bug fixes

  • A couple of localization issues were resolved that affected text display in the marketplace

  • A bug was fixed when the user is kicked from an alliance he is not removed from the alliance chat immediately. Now the information is updated automatically. 

  • A bug was fixed that didn’t display diplomacy message notifications in the diplomacy menu.

  • A problem was solved that did not trigger ‘at war’ state after dragging armies to the country’s province center when your relations are ‘at peace’. At the moment if your army arrives at the province center, the war is always triggered. 

  • A bug was fixed that displayed recruitment time for all buildings. Only the recruiting office and barracks have the recruitment time left in the info panel.

  • A visual bug was fixed that displayed railways and barracks as disabled after queuing them for the first time.