Balancing changes:

  • building damage on conquering was decreased: 50 → 25

  • defensive AI troop placement was adjusted


Bug fixes: 

  • The names’ display in the final ranking window has been improved on desktop. They are shown as aligned without words breaking in pieces. 

  • A bug was fixed that allowed queuing the same building twice. At the moment when trying to queue in the same building, the error message pops up. 

  • An issue was resolved that did not show the capital icon in capital provinces. You will be able to see the capital icon when selecting a capital province from now on.  

  • A bug was fixed that didn’t display the countdown timer when sending planes to patrol. The countdown timer for the patrolling plane is now shown inside the tooltip while hovering over the unit. 

  • A bug was fixed that displayed previously set rally points after canceling them. 

  • A problem was solved that showed wrong values of stock market trades. At the moment the correct status is displayed.