Detailed changes related to combat mechanics update can be found here



  • Indonesian was introduced as an in-game language. If you would like to play in Indonesian, you can switch to it in the language bar. 

  • Health bar for all units was reworked so that it became easier to see the percentage of unit hitpoints. Also, unit hitpoints can be now seen in the army screen. 

  • A new production overview was added on mobile. When choosing different provinces production overview and management controls will be displayed, allowing you to easily manage several provinces at the same time. 


Bug fixes 

  • ‘Spectate’ button is working again. You can watch any other match if you are unable or don’t want to join it. 

  • A bug was fixed on speed maps that displayed the wrong morale penalty value in construction and production menus. We adjusted the time, so it reflects the speed of the map. 

  • A problem was solved that did not allow selecting alliance flags on mobile. At the moment the flag selection is present on the alliance creation screen. The selection is applied and saved.

  • A visual bug was fixed that displayed surviving units’ morale as 0%. Units that survived will not be having zero morale after the battle

  • An issue was resolved that froze maps when switching from desktop to mobile view.  When changing the view option on PC, maps are not freezing anymore. 

  • A bug was fixed that did not show the number of ‘join coalition’ requests in ‘My Coalitions’ tab. 

  • An issue was resolved that didn’t trigger any email when clicking on the ‘send me login link’ button

  • A problem was solved that displayed a straight line instead of paths when setting a rally point.