1. We do not allow harmful, abusive, vulgar, racist, derogatory, rude, dismissive, diminishing or otherwise harmful posts.
  2. The naming or denunciation of users which (allegedly) exploit bugs or other inconsistencies is not permitted
    1. Likewise publishing user blacklists or links to such lists is prohibited.
  3. The denunciation of Gold and/or Premium Accounts and its users is not permitted.
  4. The use of more than one account is strictly prohibited.
  5. Spamming is not allowed.
  6. The creation of forum threads for criticism or reviews is permitted only in the feedback section.
  7. Flaming and/or Trolling is prohibited
    1. You may not post content which contains insults to other users or staff, are specifically made to create undue discontent, disturbances, pick fights or otherwise promote unfriendly conversation.
  8. The discussion about existing or future games that are direct competitors to Supremacy 1914 is prohibited.
    1. Advertising other online games is not allowed.
      1. The deliberate advertising of other online games that compete directly with Supremacy 1914 in terms of game genre or subject matter is forbidden. This excludes other Bytro games.
    2. Discussion about games/products (excluding advertising content) and their evaluation, etc. - unless they are in direct competition with Supremacy 1914 - are allowed. Providing links to sites of such games/products, however, is not allowed.
  9. Sharing instructions on cheating, using multiple accounts or other violations of the Terms of Service are prohibited.
  10. Answering or quoting posts that violate the rules and/or Terms of Service is considered a rule break itself.
  11. Don't act as a “deputy mod”
    1. Disciplinary actions by users which lie within the scope of the duties of the Moderators and Game Operators and the demanding of bans are frowned upon. Should a user wish to express their concerns then they should do this via whisper or by issuing a support ticket.
    2. For issues on Discord please note that these are handled on Discord exclusively.
  12. There is a place for roleplay
    1. Do not roleplay (RP) outside of RP related channels (e.g.  RP game rounds, newspaper articles, RP dedicated forum sections etc. All forms of roleplay are subject to these rules

Discussion of Staff Actions

  1. It is prohibited to publicly discuss actions taken by a staff member against other users.
  2. In the event that a user is not satisfied with the staff member’s reply they can appeal via support ticket and ask for the situation to be reviewed.
    1. Should a user not be satisfied with a staff member's reply on Discord, they can appeal via a private message to ModMail and ask for the situation to be reviewed.
  3. Should Moderators or Game Operators exceed their authorities assigned by these statutes, affected users can complain to the Senior Staff or Community Coordinator via PM.
  4. If there is still a need for clarification, the user can contact the Community Coordinator and ask for a review by a Community Manager.

Illegal Names

  1. Bytro prohibits the use of names which are linked to the Nazi regime, dictators, terrorists, other criminals or associated organisations, that are dismissive, rude, vulgar, diminishing or violate the rules or Terms of Service or are deemed otherwise inappropriate by the staff.


  1. Moderators and Game Operators can issue advice that the current actions or topics are, in their consideration, inappropriate.
  2. It is entirely in the remit of a Moderator or Game Operator to apply their judgement to the situation and decide if it negatively impacts the atmosphere that Bytro or other users expect.
  3. A Moderator or Game Operator may direct that the topic be changed or some other action be taken. Once a Moderator or Game Operator has given direction any disobedience to that direction is considered a rule break.
  4. A Moderator or Game Operator may give one or more warnings based on their judgement of the situation. A Moderator or Game Operator may also take into account whether the offending user is a persistent offender and may take action without any warning. This is particularly relevant if the offender has previously violated the same rule.


  1. Publishing private correspondence between members of Supremacy 1914 support teams and users is strictly forbidden! This also applies to private communication between users. To make a private message accessible to the public, the consent of both participants is required.
  2. NOTE: For private discussions please use the PM function.

Moderators and Game Operators

  1. Users have to follow instructions from Moderators and Game Operators when given.
  2. Posts by Moderators and Game Operators, as well as "edits" or comments, or additions are not to be corrected or deleted by the user.
  3. Warnings are given clearly and state the rule break (reason for ban if needed). They shall be made by in-game PM to your Supremacy 1914 account and to your registered email used for Supremacy 1914.
  4. Repeated or serious rule breaks can lead to the removal of an account.
  5. Moderators, Game Operators, Admins or Bytro staff will never ask for your password to your account! Remember this and never give it away under any circumstances.

Few notes:

  • Please use the search function on the forums before you create a new thread; use it as well as the FAQ section. Basic questions can be cleared up quickly.
  • A Message, article and post that is written without commas and loaded with spelling errors is very hard to read. To make your posts more readable and easier to understand you should review your message before sending it and look at the edit function if available, to make the post clearer.
  • If you subsequently think of something, please do not produce double posts (use the Edit function if available).
  • Discussions that deal with politics, ideology and similar controversial topics are to be performed with extra care and with sensitivity. Such topics often lead to very passionate discussions that might cause bitter disputes. The moderator will stop a discussion should they deem it getting out of hand.
We hope this thread will lead to a more enjoyable game experience for all users who enjoy Supremacy 1914.

Your Support Team