2022-10-11 - Release Notes


  • The filter option "Extra units" was removed from the games filter. The filter was obsolete, as all game rounds include all units available in the game.

  • The time until the next unit is recruited was added to the Province Info in the new "Recruitment" section.

  • The details for units, buildings, armies, and provinces have been reworked to better match the new style used throughout the game.

Bug fixes

  • A Bug was fixed that prevented the coalition flag to be saved correctly when the settings of the flag were not changed before saving it. Now the coalition flag is saved correctly, no matter whether the settings were adjusted or not.

  • An issue was resolved that caused naval units to display an icon of another unit and 1hp in the army bar when the unit was split from a stack of units that included ground units. The correct icon and health of naval units are displayed now.

  • An issue was resolved that could prevent the terrain description text to be displayed correctly in the bottom right corner on some mobile devices. The terrain is now named on any mobile device, no matter the size and resolution.

  • A bug was fixed that caused coalition members controlled by AI due to inactivity to downgrade their relations to other coalition members to Right of Way or lower, which human coalition members are unable to do. Coalition members that are controlled by an AI will no longer lower their relations with other coalition members and stay at the "Shared Map".

  • An issue was solved that could cause the shop to get blurry when a popup was triggered in the background while the shop was open.