Release notes - 2022-09-13


  • The game settings panel on mobile was reworked, and duplicates also available in the map controls panel were removed.

  • The map controls panel on desktop was restructured. Buttons were organized to enhance user experience and provide better interface orientation.

  • Completed adviser tasks are now displayed at the top of the list in the adviser task menu. This way you find your completed tasks immediately and do not have to scroll all the way down and search for them anymore.

  • The available army display options were adjusted. This change allows for a better reflection of relevant displays that can be useful for your battle analysis. You can also find a new army display option here which makes it possible to hide unit images and have labels displayed only.

Bug fixes

  • A bug was fixed that resulted in an inactive coalition leader keeping the leadership position. When the coalition leader is inactive, the coalition leadership is transferred to the active member with the highest VP score.

  • An issue was resolved that allowed coalition leaders to send invites to join a coalition, even if it was full. No new invites can be sent out anymore when the coalition reaches the maximum number of members.

  • A bug was fixed that prevented arrival times to be displayed correctly when dragging idle armies and artillery units.

  • A problem was solved that resulted in coalition flags on mobile not being saved when a random flag was generated. When you create a coalition with the suggested flag by the system, the flag is saved and displayed correctly now.

  • A bug was fixed that displayed alliance battle statistics incorrectly. From now on, the red and blue section of the bars correspond to the actual stats.

  • An issue was resolved that made planes teleport back to airfields when adding additional patrol commands.

  • A bug was fixed that made non-selected units still move and remain in the army bar when selecting multiple units and splitting them.

  • A bug was fixed that could cause the status of a trade to be displayed incorrectly on mobile devices. With this fix, the displayed indication of whether a trade was accepted or rejected is correct again.