Release Notes - 2022-08-16


  • When hovering the player icon in the province bar or the info button in the diplomacy list, it will now be possible to see a tooltip. It will show the extended information about the player and contain all the necessary statistics you might need for the further decision making.

  • The AI countries are now not leaving coalitions when you go inactive. When the coalition leader is the one becoming inactive, the leadership will be transferred to the active player in the coalition with the highest VP score. If no active player is in the coalition, AI takes the lead.

  • On desktop we made it possible to resize the pin panel to have a better overview of the pinned provinces or armies and to be able to see more than 3 entries at once.

  • A notification about new chat messages was added to the game end popup. Now you will be able to see that other players sent closing messages, to facilitate nice conversations after the game round ends.

  • The Advanced Settings icon in the games list from now on displays a red notification icon that shows how many settings are affected by any settings change. This will show you how changing settings affects the search results in the games list.

  • Moderators apart from a specific color will now be having a star icon in front of their username in the chat. This will give them more visibility in the chat and will help you differentiate them from other users.


  • A bug was fixed that displayed a notification about the resources being received after the trade, while the trade was actually rejected. From now on the notifications will correspond to the current status of trades.

  • Some issues were resolved that did not show the correct name of squads in the newspaper and in front reports. The names are now adjusted and displayed correctly.

  • A bug was fixed that caused construction starting in the previously selected province  after clicking the ‘construct’ button from the ‘missing requirements’ popup. Now, if you receive a ‘missing requirements’ popup for the new unit to be produced, it affects the selected province only.

  • An issue was resolved that resulted in different popups in the game not properly interacting with each other and displayed blurred or inconsistently. Now to avoid misrepresentations it will not be possible to open any main panel when its buttons are blurred by another popup.

  • A problem was solved that didn’t allow players to receive a reward after watching ads. Now after watching one ad, you will surely be able to get an expected reward.