Release Notes 2022-08-02


  • Flags are no longer representing the game languages. Flag images were removed from the language panel and now only the languages themselves can be seen.

  • A new loading bar which shows the real speed of the loading process was added. Now you will be able to track the loading of games yourself.

  • New loading screen facts were added. They are now localized to all in-game languages and feature various useful information for players

  • A new touch feedback was added on mobile. Now when touching the buttons on your phone, you will see visual effects that confirm your action. This is especially useful for those players who don’t have stable internet access or powerful devices.

  • Legacy is not available anymore for Supremacy 1914. Several menus such as the Province and Army List, as well as the size of Army Labels (amongst other changes) were adjusted in Ultimate Client to better reflect the 'at a glance' informative value that Legacy offered.


  • A bug was fixed that caused AI not being able to attack or defend when its peace period ended, but the players’ one is not. Now if an AI is attacked by a player its troops can enter combat and attack players’ territory.

  • An issue was resolved on tablets that didn’t fully darken the screen when opening the Espionage menu.

  • A problem was solved that caused texts and images being too large for mobile Android users. The size of texts and images was adjusted back to normal size.

  • A bug was fixed that displayed a limit for the number of alliance challenge games that can be created. As it is possible to create an unlimited number of alliance challenge games, the number was removed.