Release Notes - 2022-06-21


  • Several changes were made regarding the province trade options:
    • The function of trading capitals cities/provinces by the original owner was removed
    • The function of trading provinces marked as control point in Dominion games was removed
  • The ‘Extend’ and ‘Hide’ buttons were added in the ‘Current Games’ section. Now users will be able to see 3 ongoing games in the menu and can extend and hide the list afterwards if needed.

Bug fixes

  • A bug was fixed that prevented disembarked land units from escaping the battle with sea units. Now when moving land and sea units away from the battle, both of them are able to escape.
  • An issue was resolved that caused planes on patrol to deal damage when stealth units are stationed in province centers. Now planes on patrol do not attack hidden stealth units and receive damage only if the units are revealed.