What is an Alliance?

An alliance is a group of players who've chosen to band together and co-operate outside of individual game rounds. Alliances can help you and your friends forge a distinct identity as a group, and co-operate to move up the rankings.

How do I join an Alliance?

If you're currently in a game, tap on the globe icon in the top right to return to the main screen. Once there, select the 'Alliance' button at the bottom of the screen.
Search for the Alliance you wish to join, or browse from the list of existing Alliances, and then tap on the Alliance to see more information. From this screen, if you wish to join, you can simply tap on the Apply button and send an application to the Alliance.
Please keep in mind that the owner or officers of the Alliance would need to approve your application, so this may not be an immediate process.

How do I create an Alliance?

From the home screen - which can be accessed by tapping on the globe icon from inside a game round - tap on the Alliance button at the bottom of the screen, and you'll see the option to Create an Alliance. Tap on this, then fill out the requested information, and, just like that, your Alliance will be ready to go.
If you'd like to customise your Alliance further, simply open the game in your desktop browser, and head to the Alliance tab. Here, you'll see advanced customisation options for your Alliance.

Why can't I apply to an Alliance?

If you cannot send an application to a particular Alliance, it may be that you are already a member of an Alliance, or that the Alliance you are applying for is not currently accepting applications.
In the first case, you would need to leave your current Alliance before applying for a new one. In the second case, if the Alliance belongs to a friend of yours, you can reach out to them and let them know they'd need to open up the Alliance for applications.

Why can't I accept applications to my Alliance?

If you're unable to accept incoming applications, your Alliance may already be full - and you'd need to remove members to make space for new ones.
If you are not receiving any applications, you may have closed your Alliance's recruitment policy, in which case you'd need to open that up again.